Can we do it?

Promotional and Service Delivery aspects of the marketing function are increasingly dependent on software. A website with any sort of interactive feature is software at some level of complexity. Brand Managers and Chief Marketing Officers, like it or not, are becoming purchasers of Information Technology. One thing that led me to Business School was the great disconnect I observed between “Business Types” and “Technical Types”.  I learned there are complex reasons for this sad state of affairs, but it needn’t be that way. Continue reading

Prepare to Keep Your Promises

The owner of a specialty coffee shop had a standing deal with (at least a few of) his customers: bring back your empty bag for a refill and we’ll knock two-bits off the price. The trouble is the owner is the only person in the store to know about the offer. So, what does this sound like?

Customer: (handing empty bag to clerk): I need another pound of this.
New Clerk: Great… – how’d you like that ground?
Customer: For a paper filter.
New Clerk: There you go sir, anything else?…
[Scene moves to check-out]
New Clerk: That’ll be eight bucks.
Customer: What about my discount?
New Clerk: What discount?

Ouch! Continue reading

So You Think You Want a Website

Twenty years after the first website went up, some businesses still don’t have one. This might be alright – there is no law that says every business must have a website. But if you think your business might benefit from something so simple as a Yellow Pages® ad, you can probably benefit from having a simple website that mimics a the phone book and newspaper ads you wish you could afford. This is at least a place to start. You can provide hours, a map to your place, a little about yourself, phone numbers, e-mail addresses. OK, you think you want a website. Continue reading