Gemba Tools

Want to buy: “active in-out board puck”. Magnetic back. Maybe 5 cm in diameter. Should run on a common battery like a CR2032. Open to other possibilities, but must be readily available. Ideally replaceable without tools. Drops on concrete floor from 1 meter expected. Industrial use.

A button on the edge sets a countdown timer in fifteen minute increments. Press and hold five seconds — fifteen minutes. Press again, — thirty minutes. Twice more — sixty minutes. No particular theoretical maximum — four hours isn’t too much but the main intent (for me, anyway) is up to perhaps 90 minutes. The

whole top of the thing should be the start/stop button. Press to start the countdown. LED blinks once per “period” the thing is set for, to show the countdown has started –if it’s set for 30 minutes, it’ll blink twice. Then it blinks slowly, say once every ten seconds during most of the countdown. When two minutes remain, it blinks once every five seconds. When one minute remains, it blinks once every two seconds. When the countdown gets to zero, it blinks two times per second. Press the top to turn off, and reset the timer to the last setting.

There can be other possibilities, like green/yellow/red LED.

The idea is a floor coordinator can see who’s on the floor (pucks in a “normal” workstation column), who’s on a break or doing some other task (depending on the column the puck is in), and who’s late getting back to the floor. So can all her co-workers.